Tips from a Photographer to a Bride

1. Your wedding day will fly past in a wink of an eye! Enjoy every moment!
Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen handle most of your nitty gritties on the day. Give them clear tasks and communication is key. You DO NOT want to run around arranging small things on your wedding day, you should not be stressed out about anything!
2. Flat shoes
Yes obviously you can strut around in your high heels, but bring an extra pair of flats for after the photoshoot.
3. Unplugged wedding
Just during the ceremony, ask your guests to enjoy the ceremony with you! 🙂
4. Wet flowers
Get the bouquets out of water about an hour before the ceremony starts, so that the dress does not get wet.
5. To the left!
Most of the day the bride will be on the left for everything, yes because this is the last time the groom is right HAR HAR! Your Garter will be on the left and so you will be on your grooms left for most of the day.
6. The Church exit
When you are showered by petals, leaves or popcorn by your guests, DO NOT start digging them out of your dress until all the photos are taken. Trust me on this one!
7. Murphy’s Law
Yes something will probably go wrong, it happens! Just go with the flow. If you can fix it, cool! If not, let it go! Chances are no one will even notice. See point no.1
8. Invest in a good make up artist and hair stylist!
Not only will you feel pampered and look like a princess, your photos will show the difference! Go for a trial and make sure you are happy with the results.
9. The All inclusive package!
You have no idea how much time, energy and money you will save! From a bride who decided to do everything DIY, I can tell you now it costs more at the end of the day.
10. Family issues
Notify your photographer of any family feuds, divorced parents, etc. This will make shooting your family photos less awkward. The more info we have, the better we can work around any situation.
11. Strapless
Depends on your dress, but try to avoid a bra that will cause marks on your skin. And wear a loose shirt that can easily come off after your hair and make up is done.
12. Master of ceremonies
Choosing the right master of ceremonies is important to your big day. It sets the mood for the whole function. A well informed master of ceremonies is a photographer’s best friend. They can assist with getting the guests organised and getting family ready for the family shots. This will make the photographers work easier and give you more time for your couple shoot.
13. Choosing the RIGHT Photographer.
I am the person you will be spending the most of your day with, I will not only make you smile but make your stomach sore with laughter
Look at my previous weddings, make sure you are happy with how I have shot a whole wedding. Many photographers post their favourite 10 images of a wedding and it is super important that there is consistency throughout the whole day.
Book an engagement photoshoot, even if you don’t want to. It is super important that you are comfortable with me and you love the results. We will practice posing and this will make shooting the wedding day a breeze.
With over 16years of experience I have probably seen everything. I am a problem solver, your time keeper and your best ally on your day. I have sewn dresses, helped with makeup, been there as a shoulder to cry on and will step in and be the bad guy if you need me.
YOU are my number 1 priority!
Back up! I have enough back ups of all my gear should something fail. Your Photos are backed up on several devices.
I photograph with both natural light and flashes and can adapt to any lighting situation.
I love sunsets and will advise we do the couples photos 1hour before the sun sets.
I love night shoots! It is an absolute must. It adds the sparkle of magic to your wedding photos!