The Vossies’ trash the dress session on the beach!

Wow wow and wow! Our very first trash the dress  session on the beach! Up and down the beach we went looking for the best spots, there was a slight breeze but beautiful sunny weather. It’s one of those photoshoots you just dont wanna stop! But it was a long ride back to King Shaka airport 🙁

Conrad has known Riaan Vos, aka Vossie, since high school and have remained very good friends through the years. We met his lovely bride, Simone,  a few years ago and since that time she has always been available to model for us when we needed models to photograph. So unlike any other wedding, when Conrad and I stopped taking photo’s we took our camera’s to the car and enjoyed the party with the rest of the friend’s… maybe a little to much… Now you must remember this was the day after the wedding and for a bunch of people who had partied the night before I don’t think we all did too bad! lol!

Simone and Vossie are an absolute match made in heaven and I think between all the friends, they just knew it wasn’t going to take long for church bells to ring.  But you can read more about that in the Wedding blog of them 😛

Simone had no issues what so ever to jump into the water dress and all! Riaan on the other side…. well the water was a bit on the cold side….  BUT Simone didn’t have to persuade him for long, the things we do for love ai ja jai!

Thank you Simone and Riaan for making us part of such a beautiful occasion, we adore the both of you and wish you all of the joy and happiness you two deserve!  And we hope to hear the pitter patter of little Vossies soon hehehe…


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