Simone and Vossie

We had the honor to be the photographers at Simone and Vossie’s wedding! Its not every day you get to photograph such a beautiful couple but we were spoiled with a beach wedding too! It was such a lovely day!

They got married on April, 27th 2013 in Port Edward at The Estuary Country Hotel. An absolutely stunning venue with the most gorgeous view of the sea. We have to start this blog off by thanking them for flying us down to take their wedding photo’s and for everything else they did for us over the weekend, we really appreciate it 🙂 🙂

Conrad, Riaan, Marcelle and Michiel have been friends for ages! Marcelle and Michiel were obviously the best men at the wedding and Conrad’s very important job was to help me with the wedding photography. Unfortunately Conrad broke his collarbone at the bachelors party, those damn  bears running loose in the streets!!!  So Conrad helped me where he could with the photo’s and helped me with the lighting, but his ultimate job was the editing afterwards. Nice team work!

The lovely bridemaids were Michiel’s girlfriend Daria and Marcelle’s girlfriend Cindy. The bridemaids were dressed in blue, they looked amazing! But no-one could steal the limelight away from our lovely bride. Her breathtaking dress was made by her God father, a close and dear friend of her father for many years.

The ceremony took place on the beach where they exchanged their wow’s. I don’t usually get teary eyed but when you personally know the couple it’s a different story, luckily I have my camera to hide behind…

It was all together a stunning wedding and the cherry on the cake was… well, the cake! A stunning sea themed cake decorated with  shells and all. The shells were so life like you thought twice before taking a bite.

Salute to the prettiest wedding couple ever, Riaan & Simone!


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