The Picture perfect beginning 
To your Happily ever after!

Hi! I am Leanne and Thank you for visiting my page!

I am a single mom of a beautiful young girl, Morgan. She flames my love, drive and passion in everything I do including photography 🙂

I want to call myself a photographer but I think passionate memory maker fits the bill better! I have been playing around with a camera for over 10 years and still learn with every shoot.

I believe that everyone should have beautiful photos of themselves, their families and special events that take place in their lives, no matter their financial status.

I have a bad habit of overshooting and over delivering… when the moment consumes me I keep on shooting until I am satisfied I have the shot! I love sharing my photos with my clients so why not give them 1 or 2 extra 😛

I am the Manager at Camerastuff where I am blessed everyday with working and helping photographers in their careers. I have given several talks at the annual Photo and Film Expo and give in house training at CameraStuff. Learning new tricks and getting to play with the newest gadgets in the market is just one of the awesome perks.


If you want to get the family together for some photos or grasp the opportunity to capture the moments of your wedding day in true style and professionalism, I am the right person for the day! I also come with some awesome team members who help me out when I need the extra hand 🙂

But it doesn’t have to be all that grand as that…..

If you’re in love and you want to show it off with panache, have your photos showcase it. Why not bring a friend or two just to be random. Dress up as devils or angels. Rock stars or Divas. Whatever your fancy is.. I will accommodate every lil’ wish and desire you have!

It is my dedication and passion to expose the brilliance in everything through the lens of a camera. I offer my enthusiasm to you. So, come be excited with me and have some photos taken! Please go through the galleries to view my work and to find some inspiration for your own.

Until next time,
Leanne Knuist

1, 2, 3…Smile!


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